Services We Offer

Tree Felling and Removal

T.J. ARB provide a professional tree felling service to customers across Kent. Our service includes the safe complete removal of a tree either by felling “in one” if the surroundings allow or by climbing and dismantling in sections. Our team are fully qualified and highly experienced to deliver a quick and effective service.


If you would like a free no obligation quote for a local tree removal service in East Grinstead, Edenbridge, Lingfield or across Kent, please call us today on 01342 851 008.

Tree Pruning

Crown lifting is the removal of lower branches for a number of reasons i.e. to allow light into gardens, windows, better access or to improve views etc. Crown thinning is the removal of branches within the crown to allow for better growth and for practical reasons i.e allow light into windows etc. Crown cleaning is the removal of any dead wood, crossing and rubbing branches or damaged and unsafe branches. Crown reduction is carried out to reduce the size of a tree whilst maintaining a balanced shape.

Hedge Cutting, Trimming and Shaping

Own a Leylandii hedge or similar? We can reduce the height and the width of the hedge or trim and shape it to your specifications.

Logs/Wood Chips

We deliver seasoned logs all year round (loose or bagged).

We can supply and deliver (loose or bagged) wood chip for use on flower beds, pathways, animal enclosures, playgrounds etc.

Tree Stump Grinding

Grinding of a stump to 15 - 20 cm below ground level to allow re-use of the area. The chippings left from the grinding are raked back into the hole leaving a mound to rot down before turfing or replanting.


We provide tree and hedge planting services and can arrange delivery of the trees and materials, as well as the know-how.



We are an ethical tree servicing company based in the South of England. We work with people on ways to solve problems relating to trees, whether that being health and safety concerns, personal issues or commercial barriers - we work with the community and for the community. As a group who care deeply about nature, we like to feel comfortable knowing we are in control.




T. 01342 851 008



Tree Preservation Order (TPO) / Conservation Areas


Before work commences on any tree, the local council must be contacted to check if the tree is protected by a tree preservation order or is in a conservation area. If the tree is covered or in a conservation area, it simply means we have ask permission to carry out the work. T.J.ARB Tree services Ltd. will provide this service free of charge on acceptance of quotation.

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